Your app needs to know the list of barangays in a certain city?

If you visit API you'll see the following endpoints

  1. https://ph-locations-api.buonzz.com/v1/regions
  2. https://ph-locations-api.buonzz.com/v1/provinces
  3. https://ph-locations-api.buonzz.com/v1/cities
  4. https://ph-locations-api.buonzz.com/v1/barangays
Each represents a collection of resource in a JSON format. Regions are the different regions in the Philippines, under each region are provinces, cities/municipalies within those provinces, then the barangays under those cities/municipalities .

The id associated to each of the JSON object are ID's assigned by (PSGC) Philippine Standard Geographic Codes.

You can try out using the API via Swagger documentation included with it

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